About the New York State Urban Forestry Council

The New York State Urban Forestry Council (NYSUFC) is a volunteer group, organized formally in 1999, to advise and assist the NYS Department of Conservation (DEC) in executing its Urban and Community Forestry policies. The Council’s major funding, supplied through the USDA Forest Service,is supplemented by membership dues and independent contributions.



New York State’s Urban Forestry program is a partnership of public, private and volunteer organizations and individuals that fosters comprehensive planning, management and education throughout New York to create a healthy urban and community forest and enhance quality of life.



The New York State Urban Forestry Council envisions that every community in New York State will recognize the value of trees and maximize the use of trees to help improve the community’s quality of life.



  • Strengthen Board Structure and Membership
    Attract public, private and volunteer organizations, and individuals to help promote the mission and vision of the Urban Forestry Council.
  • Identify and Promote the Benefits of Trees 
    Promote the appreciation and understanding of the environmental, economic and social benefits of trees in the urban and community environment.
  • Provide Educational Tools
    Advance Urban and Community Forestry outreach, training and education.
  • Provide Planning and Management Tools
    Promote and support comprehensive Urban and Community Forestry planning and the application of industry Best Management Practices and current research.








Officers of the Board

Executive Committee

First Last Affiliation Region Board Term Exp EC Term Exp Title
David Moore NYC Parks & Recreation 2 2018 2017 President
Andrew Hillman Davey Resource Group 7 2019 2017 Past Pres
Brian Skinner National Grid 7 2018 2018 Vice-Pres & Treasurer
Steven Harris Syracuse Dept of Parks, Recreation & Youth Programs 7 2019 2018 Secretary
Karen Emmerich Freshwater Environmental Consultants/ R3 ReLeaf Chair 3 2017 2017 At-Large
Phil Healey Inc. Village of Lynbrook 1 2017 2017 At-Large
Pat Tobin Fayetteville Tree Commission 7 2019 2017 At-Large
Brian Liberti City of Rochester 8 2018 2018 At-Large

Board of Directors

First Last Affiliation Region Board Term Exp
Christopher Anderson NYS Association of Towns 4 2018
Karen Arent KALA/Landscape Architect 3 2017
Dr. Nina Bassuk Cornell Urban Horticulture Institute 7 2018
Mark Beamish Orange & Rockland Utilities 3 2019
Jeffrey Bell NYSEG 4 2019
Vincent Biondo Town of Babylon 1 2018
Lori Brockelbank Davey Resource Group 9 2019
Brenda Cagle Town of Red Hook 3 2018
Tim Chick Paul Smith’s College 5 2017
Mike DeMarco City of Watertown 6 2019
Sharon DiLorenzo Capital Roots 5 2017
Vincent Drzewucki Cornell Cooperative Extension of Nassau County 1 2017
Karen Emmerich Freshwater Environmental Consultants LLC 3 2017
Larry Ferrandiz PSE&G 1 2019
Danielle Gift NYC Department of Parks & Recreation 2 2017
L.D. Terry Hawkridge Rustic Pines 6 2018
Rachel Holmes The Nature Conservancy 4 2017
Jennifer Kotary NYSDEC 4 2019
Dr. Doug Morisson SUNY ESF 7 2018
Nancy Needham Town of Manlius Tree Commission 7 2017
Gary Raffel Dynamic Tree Systems 8 2018
Glen Roberts NYSDEC 6 2018
Shawn Spencer ReLeaf Committee Chair 2 2017
Art Traver Wendel 9 2017


First Last Affiliation
Mary Kramarchyk NYSDEC Urban Forestry Program Manager
Eric Greenfield USFS/Instructor at SUNY ESF
Martin Mullarkey  Retired
John Parry USDA Forest Service
Rob Messenger NYSDEC Bureau Chief, Forest Resource Management


First Last Title
Liana Gooding Executive Secretary for NYSUFC
Michelle Sutton Editor, Blog & Taking Root Newsletter