IMG_9330Meeting the men and women who are restoring the American chestnut, exploring the Alvar plant community on the new green roof, connecting with the Onondaga Earth Corps … there were so many highlights for the 185 attendees of the 2015 ReLeaf Conference at SUNY ESF. A special shout-out to the Region 7 folks who worked hard to put on the best program and presenters:

Kristina Ferrare, Steve Harris
Fran Lawlor, Jessi Lyons
Chris Manchester, Doug Morrison
Greg Owens, Brian “the Brain” Skinner, Pat Tobin, and Kate Woodle


Mealtime conversations were the best! SUNY ESF graduate student Leanna Kirschen (left) works with Syracuse City Forester Steve Harris, and Tony Suave (right) works with the Onondaga Earth Corps.


Exploring the Gateway Center green roof with beloved ESF Professor Dr. Don Leopold.


And later, Dr. Leopold took us on a tour of trees of campus and the magnificent Oakville Cemetery.

Andy Hillman, who served for four years as NYSUFC president, passed the torch to David Moore. Andy, we owe you a huge debt of gratitude. David gave a moving and motivating acceptance speech.


NYSUFC Executive Secretary Liana Gooding with her husband, DEC Forester and SUNY ESF alum Mark Gooding. 


What a profound pleasure it was to meet up, learn, and dine together in SUNY ESF’s LEED Platinum Certified Gateway Center, one of the nation’s top 10 green buildings.

to be continued …