A Whitman’s Sampler of ReLeafers

Urban and community foresters (both paid and volunteer) and their advocates and allies are some of the most interesting and warm people you will meet. I endeavored to meet everyone at the 2014 ReLeaf Conference at Hofstra, but alas, the buzzer went off too soon. I wish there had been more time to trade our stories! But thankfully, sharing our stories is something we can do in TAKING ROOT. For now, here are some of the ReLeafers I did get to meet. Warmly, Michelle Sutton, your TR Editor

Region 7’s Kate Woodle worked for over 25 years as Exhibit Designer, Graphics Artist, and Illustrator at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse. Retired from that position, she now works freelance and is also a photographer and children’s book illustrator. You can see her work at katewoodleillustration.com.

Colleagues Jessica Mosher (left) and Justanna Bohling are NYSDEC Forest Technicians in Region 6, Herkimer office. Jessica and I had a nice talk about the joys of local food.
Ann Stevens of Region 7 ReLeaf is the Town of Dewitt Shade Tree Committee Chair. She received a DEC Urban Forestry Partnership Award this past spring. Ann assisted in creating the Town of Dewitt Shade Tree Commission; organized Arbor Day celebrations; hosted and helped to organize ReLeaf Committee meetings at the Town Hall and alerted Town officials of the opportunities such as DEC Urban Forestry grants or educational events that would help improve the knowledge of the Shade Tree Commission volunteers.
Region 1 ReLeafer Stephen Matuza has worked in horticulture, arboriculture, and sports field management since 1973. He currently works as a consultant for Landscape Strategies Unlimited.
Nancy Needham is Chairwoman of the Manlius Shade Tree Commission. Shhh, she doesn’t know this yet, but we want to do a nice long profile of her in TAKING ROOT.
Phil Healy served as part of the Region 1 Conference Planning Committee for the conference. Phil is the Superintendent of Public Works for Lynbrook on Long Island and serves on the NYSUFC Board.
Karen Emmerich is a NYSUFC Board Member and Chair of ReLeaf Region 3. She is a freshwater environmental consultant, and she and her husband Kurt run Emmerich Tree Farm in Warwick.


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  1. What a super group of people! Tree people are the best. I am so lucky to know these folks and do the good work of community forestry with them.

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