16 06, 2019

USFS Climate Change Specialist Leslie Brandt Coming to ReLeaf 2019

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We are most fortunate to have USFS Climate Change Specialist Dr. Leslie Brandt as the 2019 ReLeaf Conference Friday morning plenary speaker and leader of a workshop later that morning. In the plenary she will discuss "Assessing Climate Change Vulnerability of Urban Forest and Natural Ecosystems in [...]

15 06, 2019

Renowned Climate Change Journalist Andrew Revkin Speaking at ReLeaf 2019

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Andrew Revkin reported for The New York Times in 2003 from a research camp set up on sea ice drifting near the North Pole. Scientists erected the sign, then added “was” as currents were pushing the ice several miles a day. Photo by Peter West for [...]

13 08, 2018

Board Member Danielle Gift on ReLeaf 2018 & Her New Position

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Council Board Member Danielle Gift with a Parrotia persica on the RIT campus. Photo by Michelle Sutton Danielle Gift received a scholarship from the New York City/Region 2 ReLeaf Committee, of which she is an active member, to pay for ReLeaf registration and lodging. Get [...]

1 08, 2018

ReLeaf 2018 at RIT, Part V: Learning from the Best

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These are just some of the talented professionals who presented talks and workshops at ReLeaf 2018. You can see the full program here.  NY Natural Heritage Program Ecologist Julie Lundgren served on the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid panel following the superb documentary about HWA: www.youtube.com/watch?v=AupnMjYaI0Q Photo by [...]

1 08, 2018

ReLeaf 2018 at RIT, Part III: Sustainability Tour

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RIT Sustainability Initiatives Manager Harshita Sood (far right, front) gave a phenomenal tour of the campus through the lens of sustainability. Here, the tour group just passed through the heart of the quad, underlain with geothermal tech. The campus has very popular low-tech programs, too, like [...]

23 06, 2018

Rochester ReLeaf: RIT, Our Extraordinary Campus Host

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Our campus host for Rochester ReLeaf 2018 is the world-renowned Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). RIT is a privately endowed, coeducational university with nine colleges emphasizing career education and experiential learning. RIT was founded in 1829! How is this possible, you say? You can read the history [...]

23 06, 2018

Rochester ReLeaf Keynote: New York Tree Law

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The Friday morning keynote address for Rochester ReLeaf will be given by Laura E. Ayers, Esq., who specializes in property matters all over the State. One of her firm’s specialties is adjoining landowner disputes that involve tree ownership and maintenance. In this hour keynote, Laura will present [...]

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