Acting as an independent contractor and not an employee, the Executive Secretary (ES) will serve the Board of Directors of the New York State Urban Forestry Council. The Council President and the Executive Committee will provide direct supervision of the services to be provided. Contracts may be renewed for an additional annual or multi-year annual period if mutually agreed upon by the Executive Committee and the Executive Secretary.



  1. Provide and maintain centralized administrative services including Council Post Office box, phone, email, and safeguarding of Council records.
  2. Support the Board of Directors and Executive Committee including distribution of communications, preparation of meeting agendas and minutes and attendance at the three Executive Committee meetings and three Board meetings per year.
  3. Liaison with other contractors of the Council to fulfill tasks as necessary.
  4. Intermittent travel across the state is required approximately 3-6 times per year.


  1. Establish and maintain a bank account, financial transactions and reporting services in an appropriate financial institution in support of the Council and NY ReLeaf.
  2. Maintain the Council and ReLeaf financial records, including all accounts payable and receivable.
  3. Prepare financial reports including quarterly financial reports for the Council Board and reports necessary for an outside accountant to use in filing yearly tax return.
  4. Assist the Treasurer in developing an annual operating budget to be approved by the Council Board of Directors.


  1. Maintain the membership database in Microsoft Access.
  2. Send out annual membership renewal notices and subsequent follow up on non-renewals.
  3. Provide membership reports at each Board meeting.

ReLeaf Conference

  1. Assist DEC staff, who lead in running and facilitating the annual NY ReLeaf conference, by facilitating, assisting, and attending conference planning meetings monthly (mostly virtual, with some in-person in the host region).
  2. Set up online registration with website contractor; process conference registrations in conjunction with DEC Partnership coordinator.
  3. Coordinate conference related contracts with host site, catering companies, linens vendors, transportation services, and others as needed. Pay conference invoices. Work with insurance company to provide proof of insurance for event.
  4. Solicit sponsors and vendors for the conference, coordinate sponsorships, and act as primary contact person for sponsors.
  5. Maintain Conference budget reports, provide budget updates to planning committee and Council.
  6. Attend annual conference in July, provide on-site conference support.

Grant Administration

  1. Oversee annual Federal grant application process and ongoing grant administration including annual reports and ongoing grant fund tracking and electronic transferring of funds.
  1. Assist in Council’s Tree City and Quick Start grant making process including attending grant committee meetings, sending grant award letters, interacting with municipalities, tracking financial payments and final reports, and coordinating with the Grant Chairperson.


Compensation for services will be commensurate with experience and based on an estimated 850 hours of annual work based on past history of this position. Compensation is to be paid monthly at the end of each month following submittal of an invoice to the Council Treasurer. An hourly rate shall be paid for services outside the scope of this contract at a rate mutually agreed upon and/or requested by the Executive Committee or President.

Monthly reimbursement of expenses to be negotiated during development of final contract agreement includes, but are not limited to, mileage at the current Federal rate, overnight travel accommodations when appropriate and approved, and reimbursement for work-related telecommunication services and other purchases of materials/supplies/printing as necessary to conduct Council business. Receipts for all expenses are to be submitted to the Council Treasurer with the monthly invoice.

Experience and Minimum Qualifications

The ideal candidate will have experience working with membership-based organizations, as well as experience with administration, accounting, grants management, and board governance.

Interested candidates should submit resume and cover letter by November 22nd to Stephen Harris, President of the New York State Urban Forestry Council at sharris@syrgov.net. Please put “Executive Secretary Application” in subject line of email.