Event - Supervisor LaColla - Town of Fishkill

Town Supervisor Robert LaColla speaks at the dedication of the newly planted trees at Fishkill’s War Memorial.

On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, the Town of Fishkill celebrated Arbor Day with the help of an Arbor Day grant administered through NYSUFC. The funding was used to add white pines, a river birch, and boxwood shrubs to a open stretch of lawn in front of the Town’s War Memorial, a multi-level site with a waterfall and places to sit.

“The significance of our planting dedication on Memorial Day weekend coincided with the strategic location of our plantings at the Town’s War Memorial,” says Fishkill Councilman Larry Cohen. “Now, the once-bare grounds in front of the Memorial are planted with trees to welcome family, friends, and neighbors who honor those who served and those who sacrificed to protect our freedom. As our new trees grow, so does our appreciation for all those who served their country.”

Cohen gives “a very special thanks to Brandon Knapp and his crew for handling all of the work involved in time for Memorial Day.”

Grant Plantings -2

White pines, river birch, and boxwood on the Fishkill War Memorial grounds.