Heidi Peterson on ReLeaf 2015

Heidi Peterson
Heidi Peterson

Did you know that scholarships toward registration for the annual ReLeaf conference are available through DEC for qualified applicants? Heidi Peterson received one this year. Heidi is Administrative Assistant,  Commercial Pesticide Applicator, and Commercial Landscaping Operations Chief for Tree Services of WNY, LLC.  She lives in North Tonawanda.

Heidi says: “When I applied for the scholarship for the 2015 NYS Urban ReLeaf Conference through the DEC, I had hoped to attend and use the opportunity to gain relevant and up-to-date information on concerns and practices; also to make new professional relationships with others interested and actively participating in the arboriculture field.

SUNY ESF was fertile ground for Tree ID during our ReLeaf Conference. Here: shingle oak (Quercus imbricaria).

The SUNY ESF campus was the perfect setting for the conference, offering an inside look at green infrastructure, biological practices towards preservation of species such as the American chestnut, and providing many species of trees for observation and comparison during the Tree ID workshop. I found it especially beneficial to hear speakers from other areas such as New York City and how they are implementing their own urban landscaping methods to increase the benefits as well as survival of trees in their communities.

Not only did the conference provide the tours, workshops, and information, it also provided a friendly, interactive setting to become familiar with others across New York State who were more than happy to share their own experiences and information and curious to hear and comment on my own as well.

Beyond all of the wonderful topics, to me, the most valuable thing I took home from the conference was inspiration to continue to expand my knowledge and practices so that I, too, may take a larger role in making our world a better place through arboriculture.”

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