Welcome to Part Two of Council Cofounder Nancy Wolf’s meticulously researched and lively

How it Happened: New York ReLeaf

A Brief History of Urban Forestry in the United States and the Creation of the New York State Program

Part 2 of 2

Answering questions such as:

When did the first two national urban forestry conferences  take place, and who were the key players in organizing them?


How did the name NY ReLeaf come about?


What was Nancy Wolf’s role in getting the Council established? Nina Bassuk’s role? How was the Small Business Administration key in the early days?


How did/do the DEC UCF program and NYSUFC interrelate?


What were the contributions of DEC UCF state coordinators Peter Innes, Peter Frank, and Frank Dunstan? How did Mary Kramarchyk (now Beck) grow the DEC UCF program in her long tenure?

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We thank Nancy for the many, many hours she’s invested in this important project of historical documentation of our beloved field of urban forestry.