National Urban Forest Priorities: Your Thoughts, Please!

Screenshot 2015-01-21 14.21.00The National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council (NUCFAC) is seeking input on their 2016-2026 Urban Forestry Action Plan through an online survey. This is your chance to give our national urban forest leadership your opinions about what urban forest funding and program priorities should be going forward. When you go to the survey site, you will need to do a simple sign up to create an account, then you can comment.

Not yet familiar with NUCFAC? The 1990 U.S. Farm Bill created NUCFAC to advise the Secretary of Agriculture on matters relating to the protection, planting, and care of trees and forests in our nation’s cities and communities. NUCFAC brings together U&CF professionals to strategize the health and future preservation of America’s urban forests. Working together, the Council brings that a full spectrum of views into a consistent vision that is the foundation for a practical national policy on urban forestry.

The Council consists of 15 members representing a full cross-section of the tree care industry. Members are appointed from professional trade organizations and from among state, county, and municipal governments; forest products, nursery, or related industries; urban forestry, landscape, and design consultants; academic institutions; state forestry agencies; professional renewable natural resource or arboriculture society; a national nonprofit forestry or conservation citizen organization; the USDA Extension Service, and U.S. Forest Service.

The Council also includes two professionals who are not officers or employees of a government body but who have active experience in urban and community forestry; one lives in a city with a population of less than 50,000, and the other lives in a city with a population over 50,000. With such a wide span of professionals to make up the Council, NUCFAC is relevant as it gives voice to pretty much every aspect of the tree care industry.

The current membership of the Council can be seen here.



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