Bonus Nafisa Post: The Woodsmen Team at ESF Ranger School

Nafisa competing in the “Pulp Toss” event at a SUNY-ESF Woodsmen Team home meet in the Town of Tully.
From Nafisa Tabassum

You might wonder how it’s possible to become involved in any extracurricular activity when you have a 21-22 credit course load and 8 hours of classes a day followed by homework for the rest of the evening. I wondered the same thing when I joined the SUNY ESF Woodsmen Team during the first semester of Ranger School. 

We practiced two days a week, usually right after dinner. At Ranger School everyone lives in the dorm and eats in the dorm at designated meal times. We would start out by setting up the site, just past the student parking lot. We hauled out equipment and often went with our coach to get logs of young white pine which we would debark and practice on. 

There were a number of events we practiced for: H-chop, crosscut saw, bow saw, cookie stack, and many others! Among my favorite events were H-chop, crosscut saw, and cookie stack. We competed almost every weekend for most of the fall semester. Because of COVID-19, however, all meets and practices for the spring semester were cancelled.

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Nafisa’s Onondaga Earth Corps Chronicles 4

Nafisa Tabassum wraps up her time with Onondaga Earth Corps.

I was very conflicted to end my time at Onondaga Earth Corps (OEC), but moving forward was the right decision for me. My last working for OEC … sometimes when it is a last week of a job or an experience, it can go by in the blink an eye and leave you breathless wondering, where did the time go? Or, it can go on forever, dragging day by day through each of the motions until finally it’s over.

This week was not like either of those instances. It was not too fast or too slow; everything happened in its own time and pace. I spent the majority of the week pruning trees and getting caught in multiple much-needed scattered thunderstorms.

My last day had to have been the most bittersweet. OEC Founder Eli MacDonald made the most beautiful and delicious cheesecake–it was an honor to get to try this specialty of his! I spent half the day at the Rahma Edible Forest Snack Garden, which is part of the Rahma Health Clinic in Syracuase. This clinic provides free healthcare services offered by doctors who volunteer, often on weekends.

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Nafisa’s Onondaga Earth Corps Chronicles: Chapter 3

The Rain Garden in James Pass Arboretum, in the Tipperary Hill neighborhood of Syracuse. Photo by Nafisa Tabassum
Nafisa Tabbasum:
As a Crew Leader for Onondaga Earth Corps (OEC), my responsibilities include directly supervising a small crew of young adults in either pruning or green infrastructure. In that capacity, and as a learner myself, I bounced around participating in many different projects this past week.

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The Council Community at Mid-Year 2020: Narrated with Video Clips

This was initially shown at the 2020 mid-year Council Membership meeting. It looks at how the Council and larger NYS urban forestry community is adapting to the time of coronavirus, and video clips showcase two young professionals navigating these waters: Amanda Cruty and Nafisa Tabassum. Please enjoy and share!

Nafisa Tabassum: Onondaga Earth Corps Chronicles

We are excited to be following the progress of former student ambassador to NY ReLeaf, Nafisa Tabassum, who at the time of ReLeaf was working as an urban forest technician with Syracuse City Arborist Steve Harris. Nafisa earned her degree in Sustainable Energy Management from SUNY-ESF in 2019. She attended ESF Ranger School as part of her education, and she delivered the 2019 Commencement Address to her peers. Nafisa will be writing the Onondaga Earth Corps Chronicles for us this summer.