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3 07, 2022

American Chestnut Restoration Updates

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The New York State Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) produces a terrific newsletter, The Bur. Here's the Spring 2022 Edition. It includes information about SUNY-ESF's latest research breakthrough, the ‘DarWin’ new line of transgenic blight-tolerant American chestnut trees. 'DarWin' is the first new line since [...]

25 03, 2021

American Chestnut Restoration Update: Next Steps in the Deregulation Process for the Transgenic Tree

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As many of you know, The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF)’s research partners at SUNY’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF), are in the process of working with governmental agencies in an effort to deregulate the Darling 58 transgenic American chestnut tree. The first public comment period [...]

4 08, 2020

Chestnut Chats from The American Chestnut Foundation

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From The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) Chestnut Chat: American Chestnut Restoration and Reintroduction Plantings Friday, August 7 at 11:30AM (EDT)  [Watch videos from the full archives of Chestnut Chats, from a Virtual Pollination Workshop to Using Drones to Benefit Chestnut Restoration to a Conversation with Chuck Leavell, [...]

11 09, 2019

Beetle, Fungus, Fungus: Research Updates on EAB, DED, and Chestnut Blight

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Emerald Ash Borer. A report recently published in the Journal of Economic Entomology offers data on the newest parasitoid wasp released against the EAB beetle: Spathius galinae. One of the authors, Dr. Jian Duan of the Beneficial Insect Introduction Unit at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s [...]

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