At nominal cost, or free for those who need assistance:

The Nature of Cities (TNOC) Festival pushes boundaries to radically imagine our cities for the future. A virtual festival that spans 5 days with programming across all regional time zones and provided in multiple languages. The festival focuses on facilitating transdisciplinary dialogue, small group workshops, arts engagement, and fostering a collaborative spirit around urban solutions. It will even have online field trips in various cities! Participants will include a wide range of ways of knowing and modes of action: biophysical and social scientists, architects, artists, landscape architects, activists, planners, policymakers, practitioners, elected officials, engineers, and so on.

The core theme is “Better Cities for Nature and All People.” Do we truly believe in the benefits of nature for health, happiness, climate change mitigation, resilience, sustainability, and biodiversity? Then we must ask: who deserves to enjoy these benefits? Everyone. Does everyone? No. Thus, we want to view our work through a lens of justice and equity: how do we create cities that are full of nature that supports our global needs for resilience and sustainability, and the nature of which is available to all for increased livability?

TNOC Festival is our community’s effort to be fierce in finding new ways to engage internationally and be more inclusive. Last June in Paris, hundreds from 52 countries  joined us for TNOC Summit (catch the vibe of that event here). The meeting was a huge success, but it also left us with a lingering thought: How many thousands couldn’t come because of the physical and economic toll it takes to travel? How much carbon pollution? We can do better.

TNOC’s Global Festival comes to you online, and offers us the ability to truly connect local place and ideas on a global scale for much broader perspectives and participation than any one meeting in any one city, could ever achieve. Join us.