Thank you to Valley Stream Deputy Village Treasurer David Sabatino for sending in documentation for this event. 

On Saturday, December 12, 2022, more than 50 volunteers from the Valley Stream Beautification Community, including high school students, met at Arlington Park in Valley Stream (Nassau County) for tree planting and litter cleanup.

Two of the youngest volunteers, Thomas and Angelo Sabatino, started the hole for the tree and were assisted by high school students. They dug a hole twice the width of the 20-gallon-container red oak (Quercus rubra), placed the tree, and backfilled with peat moss and top soil. “We did not apply any fertilizer but we plan to in the spring,” says David Sabatino. “Our arborist advised us that we do not want to stimulate growth right now as the colder temperatures set it.” After setting the tree, the volunteers installed two tree stakes and used arbor tie to secure the tree.

“I was explaining to my boys and the student volunteers that this tree will grow over 50 feet tall and will be a wonderful addition to the park,” Sabatino says. “It was a great day and we thank the New York State Urban Forestry Council for this opportunity.” 🌳