Talented Council Website Manager and Graphic Designer Sarah Gugercin recently redesigned the Council website to be more beautiful, functional, and secure. Sarah has over 10 years’ experience developing websites and since 2018 has designed City Trees, the magazine of the Society of Municipal Arborists (SMA).

Sarah has an MS in Urban Forestry from Virginia Tech and a BS in Botany from Michigan State, and she is working on a BFA in Graphic Design at Virginia Tech (you can see her student portfolio here).

Besides the NYSUFC and SMA, some of her long-term clients include the Virginia Tech Urban Forestry Program, the Central Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association, and the Virginia Produce Safety Program. Sarah says she is a tree lover and plant snob and that right now, her favorite trees are Sassafras albidum, and Nyssa sylvatica.

Special thanks to Sarah for her skillful and talented work on behalf of the Council. Thank you also to awesome Council Executive Secretary Liana Gooding and also-awesome President Karen Emmerich, who, along with Council Editor Michelle Sutton, provided content and review.