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For your calls and letters to your U.S. Congressperson (http://www.house.gov/representatives/find) this week,
here are some facts about how federal UCF dollars were used in New York State in 2016:

–NYS UCF statewide overall funding for 2016 (that goes to zero if the federal budget for UCF is not restored): $1,250,440

–Quantified UCF accomplishments in 2016 in NY:

NYS Communities Provided Urban Forestry Program Assistance: 328

Population Living in NYS Communities Provided Urban Forestry Program Assistance: 14,803,089

Urban Forestry Volunteer Assistance: 391,123 people

–The NYS Urban Forestry Program and partners participated in 2 new programs: the Energy Saving Trees Program tree giveaway on Long Island, where extensive development gives the region the distinction of having the lowest tree canopy cover in the State. Recent disasters have reduced tree cover, and caused residents to shy away from new tree planting. The Community Tree Recovery Program helped in Rochester. Volunteers assisted in replacing or saving 3,604 ash trees on streets and in parks.

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