2022 Days of Safety Western NY (R9) Releaf Workshop June 22, 2022 8am to 3:30pm.
This day of safety workshop includes three stations which attendees will rotate through to cover important safety topics. Stations will be outside as weather allows, so please come dressed appropriately. All stations are demonstrations, this workshop does not include hands on practice. Register here

2022 Electrical Hazard Awareness Training in Rochester, NY May, 10, 2022 8am to 4pm.
Registration deadline has passed.

2022 New York City (R2) ReLeaf Spring Workshop at Queens Botanical Garden March 25, 2022 9am to 12:15pm.
Registration deadline has passed.

2021 Western Finger Lakes (R8) Fall Workshop at Vitale Park November 5, 9am to 3pm.
Registration deadline has passed.

2021 Central NY (R7) Fall Workshop at Cornell October 1, 9am to noon.
Registration deadline has passed.

2021 Adirondacks (R5) ReLeaf Workshop at Lake George Old Courthouse

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