The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has launched a new podcast, “DEC Does What?!” to spotlight the important work of DEC experts working to protect New Yorkers and the state’s environment. Hosted by Executive Deputy Commissioner Sean Mahar and Chief of Staff Erica Ringewald, this bi-weekly podcast also includes an update on environmental news and recent DEC initiatives.

“DEC Does What?!” is available on Apple PodcastsSpotifyYouTubeAmazon Music, and everywhere podcasts are available.

Episode #1

In the first-ever episode, the hosts speak with biologists Dr. Angelena Ross and Dr. Dan Rosenblatt, both with DEC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife, on the potential effects of the April 8 solar eclipse on New York wildlife, work underway to protect endangered wildlife, and how different species adapt to changes in their habitat caused by climate change and other factors.