Liana Gooding served as Executive Secretary for the Council from early 2015 to the end of 2022. Those eight years were highly productive years for the Council in good measure because of Liana’s competence, reliability, consistency, and patient nature.

“She was my right-hand person the whole time I was President,” says Karen Emmerich, who served two terms, from 2017-2021. “She was so incredibly thorough, and she diplomatically kept me on track, sending gentle reminders and being an important sounding board for me. She made my job so much easier. I’m really going to miss her,” Karen says.

Council Editor Michelle Sutton says, “Liana is a true professional and has a laser-like focus, a quality that is rare in this age of scattered attention spans. I benefited greatly from our friendly and consistent working relationship! I will miss her, and I wish her much good fortune in her life and future endeavors.”

Indeed, Liana, all of us at the Council extend our gratitude to you, and wish you all the best!

The Council has hired the highly regarded, Albany-based ADG to be the administrative body for the Council going forward. For Council business they can be reached at [email protected]. Council President Steve Harris says, “We are excited to work with ADG, as they bring experience not only with day-to-day management, but also expertise in helping organizations function better.”