Council Board Member Vinnie Drzewucki also serves on the board of the Long Island Arboricultural Association (LIAA). He writes:

“Every year the Long Island Arboricultural Association (LIAA) does a tree service event for Arbor Day for a not-for-profit organization, where our members, staff volunteers, and family members bring their equipment and donate time working through the morning to remove hazardous tree situations in pedestrian and vehicle areas for safety. Events like these can be at a park, youth camp, public museum grounds or other public property and include planting a tree to celebrate Arbor Day. Last March it was held at Bayard Cutting Arboretum/State Park in Great River, NY. Work was started at 7 am, finished by noon, and LIAA members and staff enjoyed a free barbecue lunch and took home a commemorative event shirt.”

LIAA President Evan Dackow says, “With over 100 volunteers that morning, the group accomplished a volume of work equivalent to what a typical three-person tree crew would produce in four weeks and two days of work!”

Here are some photos of the event; all were taken by Bob Dackow.

For some LIAA members, the service event at Bayard Cutting Arboretum was an opportunity for kids to see their parents using on-the-ground pruning skills.


Spider lift/aerial platform in use by LIAA arborists.


Tree climber doing the finer work in the canopy.


Taking a break during a takedown of a hazard tree.


Some expert shrub pruning as well.


“Everyone did a bang up job for this event,” says LIAA President Evan Dackow. “You truly went above and beyond. THANK YOU!” says Bayard Cutting Arboretum Director Kevin Wiecks.