For the second consecutive Thursday, representatives of New York State Tree Lines, Tree Campuses and Tree Cities gathered to celebrate their accomplishments in 2023, this week at SUNY New Paltz.

State Forester Fiona Watt kicked off the morning with some remarks on the achievements of New York State communities, pointing out that two-thirds of New York State’s population lives in a Tree City.

Jonathon Vaughn, PhD. then welcomed everyone to SUNY New Paltz, itself a 2023 Tree Campus Higher Ed, and shared some of the university’s tree programs including a Campus Tree Walk. Other communities highlighted their tree plantings, week-long arbor day celebrations, student-led projects and the passing of new tree ordinances.

Jason Denham of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation updated communities on the latest forest health information and best practices for urban and community forest settings.

Including representatives of 24 Tree Cities, 2 Tree Campuses, and 3 Tree Lines, the event was a great opportunity for neighbors to make connections with each other and to get inspired for a thrilling Arbor Day season this spring.