New York State Urban Forestry Council (NYSUFC) invites your school to participate in an exciting new program: the TREE TEAM! The TREE TEAM is a collaboration between K-12 schools and tree professionals, with the goal of moving schools toward recognition as an Arbor Day Foundation Tree Campus K-12. The immediate goal: planting one or more trees to celebrate Arbor Day in Spring 2024!

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, Tree Campus K–12 inspires the next generation of tree stewards through experiences that bring the benefits of trees to life both inside and outside the classroom.

New York State Urban Forestry Council (NYSUFC) supports this effort.

Here is how it works: Schools submit an application to participate in the TREE TEAM program. Selected schools will receive up to $500 worth of trees, planting materials and educational supplies, as well as professional support from mentors appointed by NYSUFC.

NYSUFC will assign an experienced professional to your TREE TEAM, a mentor who will educate teachers and students about the benefits of trees, select a good 4-7’ tall tree (or trees) for an Arbor Day planting and celebration, and advise and assist with the tree planting and maintenance. Mentors will be drawn from NYSUFC’s extensive network of tree professionals.

The judging matrix to become a TREE TEAM school includes an environmental equity component. See NYS mapper (

We encourage you to apply for this worthwhile new program. An Arbor Day Foundation Tree Campus K-12 designation makes clear the value a school places on the importance of trees. New York State Urban Forestry Council has created the TREE TEAM to help your school achieve that honor.

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