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16 04, 2022

Fall Planting, Bare Root & Container Considerations, and a More Nuanced Look at “Fall Hazards”

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Bare root harvested trees retain a much higher percentage of fine roots (right) than balled-and-burlapped trees (left, with soil removed), but not all street tree species survive bare root transplanting well. Dr. Nina Bassuk and her team looked not just at how many roots a harvested [...]

19 08, 2018

Cornell Urban Horticulture Institute Team Evaluates Condition of National Mall Elms

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Cornell UHI team Barbara Neal, Bryan Denig, and Nina Bassuk assess the health of one of the iconic elms ringing the National Mall. Photo by Yoshiki Harada In April 2018, the Cornell Urban Horticulture Institute team of Nina Bassuk, Bryan Denig, Yoshiki Harada, and Barbara [...]

1 12, 2014

Essential and Updated: The Cornell Woody Plants Database

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Like me, you may have a dog-eared, well-worn copy of the Urban Horticulture Institute’s (UHI) Recommended Urban Trees: Site Assessment and Tree Selection for Stress Tolerance. Another fantastic resource for urban foresters and UF volunteers that has just been updated is the Cornell Woody Plants Database. Nina [...]

17 06, 2014

Cornell Urban Hort Institute: Interesting Research Continues Apace

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The Council’s longtime Board member and beloved speaker, Nina Bassuk, gives us an update on three areas of research underway at UHI. Dr. Bassuk will be the plenary speaker for the NYSUFC Conference this July. (Register now for best rate!)  UHI researchers are attempting to fast-track [...]

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