Watertown Downtown Arboretum Virtual Tour This Friday (CEUs)

1.5 Certified Nursery and Landscape Program Credits

1.5 Society of American Foresters Certified Forester Credits


The City of Watertown holds a unique urban Downtown Arboretum that provides immense beauty and many benefits for people and nature. This webinar will provide an overview of invasive tree pests that threaten the health of the arboretum, and how the City is planning to manage trees that may be impacted by these pests.

A virtual tour of the arboretum will be given through a live demonstration of an interactive online story-map. Visitors of the arboretum can access this story-map on their mobile devices and receive a virtual guided tour of the trees and other information.

Webinar participants will learn how to recognize signs of invasive tree pest infestations and be invited to volunteer to adopt a tree to help monitor the overall health of street trees in the City.

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