Thank you to Council Board Member and City of Watertown Planner Mike DeMarco for sharing this background and pics.  

The third and final segment of the Black River Trail was completed in a joint effort between NYS Parks, City of Watertown, and NYS DOT. This project, 15 years in the making, originated as a rails-to-trails project that provided users an Adirondack-esque experience just one mile outside of the City limits.

The latest segment completes the 5.4 mile trail connection that begins at Watertown’s Water Works Park and terminates near the Village of Black River. Now users can experience scenic river views, cathedral-like forest canopy cover, and a complete connection to two of the City’s seven river parks as well as to Watertown’s sidewalk network.

All Season’s Landscaping and Garden Center, LLC procured and planted 39 trees as part of the latest trail segment. Species include: ‘Armstrong’ red maple, ‘Autumn Brilliance’ serviceberry, river birch, hackberry, eastern redbud, ‘Autumn Gold’ and ‘Princeton Sentry’ ginkgo, ‘Espresso’ Kentucky coffeetree, ‘Exclamation’ London planetree, tulip tree, white oak, bur oak, and northern red oak. ?

[Editor: Here’s an excellent 2019 video of the Trail by Phoebe Snow, who says, “We consider the Black River Trail in Watertown as one of the best biking or walking trails in the Northeast. The view of the Black River is breathtaking … and in the fall, it gets even better.”]