In a Queens Forest, Compiling a Picture of Urban Ecology,” New York Times, December 2, 2014. Urban Forest as canary in the coalmine for environmental health; using high-tech sensors to monitor microclimate. Includes quotes from NYC Chief of Forestry, Horticulture and Natural Resources Bram Gunther.

Screenshot 2014-12-19 22.11.12Roundtable: Climate Change Impacts on Urban Forestry,” City TREES magazine, pp. 28-34. Urban foresters from Philadelphia, PA to Surrey, BC to Billings, Montana share their knowledge and observations.



Leafy Luxury: Mansions with a Tree Premium,” Wall Street Journal, November 26, 2014. Just how much well-heeled homeowners are willing to pay for mature trees; some are transplanted from far away.

Matt Stephens headshot

Matt Stephens

In Leafy Profusion, Trees Spring Up in a Changing New York,” New York Times, December 1, 2014. Stunning then-and-now pics; quotes from Matthew Stephens, director of street tree planting for the NYC Parks Department.

The Importance of Urban Tree Cover,” WRVO reports on planting efforts in Syracuse.

How the Fastest Warming City in the Country is Cooling Off: In Louisville, It’s One Tree at a Time.” Politico Magazine, December 9, 2014. The urban heat island is wicked in Louisville, but the Mayor is on it.


The source of the Huge Headache

Millions of Ash Trees Are Dying, Creating Huge Headaches for Cities,” National Geographic, December 2, 2014. Case studies and insights from the Midwest re: EAB.