Nyack community members gathered in late October to plant 25 bare root trees, commemorate 5 newly planted Ulmus ‘Lewis & Clark’ elms, celebrate Nyack’s 8 years as a Tree City USA, and eat pizza!

Thanks to Nyack Tree Committee Chair Marcy Denker for furnishing photos and details about the Village of Nyack’s fall planting event. The event was publicized in the Village’s online newsletter.

Prairie Expedition elms planted in downtown Nyack. They are tolerant of urban conditions, including periodic drought. 

Nyack Tree Project volunteers gathered at Artopee Way in downtown Nyack (Rockland County) on Saturday, October 29, 2022. Village Administrator Andy Stewart and Tree Committee member Kathleen Johnson spoke about Nyack’s participation in the Tree City USA program since 2014 and introduced the five Prairie Expedition elms (Ulmus ‘Lewis & Clark’) that had been planted at the downtown location by the Nyack DPW. The volunteers had just completed the planting of 25 bare root trees in other neighborhoods and were treated to pizza and cupcakes.

The lone surviving American elm tree along the Wild Rice River near Fargo, North Dakota. Because of its resistance to Dutch elm disease and all around vigor, it was propagated and introduced to the trade in 2004 as Ulmus ‘Lewis & Clark’ (trade name Prairie Expedition). Photo: North Dakota State University